Consulting services from our company will help you to minimize your costs and increase return on investment

Lights Travel International has a staff of professional independent experts and consultants to procurement, to help with the running costs, travel arrangements, as well as hold talks with foreign suppliers and manufacturers.

We work with many of the world's largest businesses in industries such as banking, oil and gas and pharmaceutical field, engineering and many others. We conduct analysis of current costs for organizing various trips, deliveries, shipping and so on.

Our team of professional analysts creates effective strategies and collects relevant data, collecting them in all branches of the industrial sector, as well as other trade and attracting industry trends and forecasts.

We know from within the industry, as many of our team have experience in leadership positions in major travel agencies and companies. This experience helps in managing large budgets, procurement, negotiation, as well as in the development and introduction of new, modern and innovative technologies and processes.

All of our employees know all about the local economic and commercial situation, since they are already in place. It saves on travel and provides excellent results in a short time.