Managing group meetings

Our company provides assistance in organizing any kind of corporate meetings, seminars, presentations, and more. We can organize any catering event on the highest level, respecting the wishes of our customers. We provide unique customized solutions to accommodate all the needs of a particular event. Also in the set of our services includes cost control, information and service participants of the event, and more.

We will be your representative of integrated services for corporate events. We can help you:

  • Determine the purpose of the event
  • Think through the development of activities conceived to meet the objectives
  • Carry out the selection and study area, facilities for events
  • And an elaborate contract
  • Ensure the implementation of air transport, including the selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective option
  • To ensure complete safety

The Value of Meeting Consolidation

Our company will provide you with benefits such as:

  • Full control and supervision of spending the allocated budget
  • We will be able to control all costs, is an important business and annual reports relating to the costs of the trips your company

  • Negotiation of any complexity
  • We will help you to spend a partnership meeting, as in your home territory and in the territory of partners. We will plan your meeting with the greatest benefit and comfort for you

  • The introduction of modern technologies and online services
  • Agents leverage the same platform as travelers, comprehensive reporting for online and offline transactions, immediate access for travelers to itinerary data online, etc. Save by enabling your travelers to self-book when it is suitable for your program.

Strengthening partnership begins with a key integration

We will be able to program your success

  • Now check corporate expenses for the planned meeting will provide you additional leverage
  • Selection of the preferred program meetings and orders, being able to change the conditions in real time
  • Introduction of maximum transparency in the order of any event
  • Consolidation and integration of programs and meetings of transients in a single program that allows you to save money
  • Improved efficiency for planners of meetings and travel, it saves money and time
  • The ability to self-purchase and travelers booking tickets for additional savings